In the setting of the Poggio Valicaia Park, part of the ‘Bosco degli Ermellini’, under the careful guide of the Concordia Archers, you will have the opportunity to test your reflexes, your aim and your concentration.

The Park is situated in the hills that lie to the southwest of Florence, in the suburb of Scandicci, approximately one hour by car from Radda in Chianti. The landscape highlights the features of the Tuscan hills and in the wood you will find a network of trails, a picnic area, a small lake and an olive-grove.

Every day from 10am to 4pm, under the watchful eye of an instructor, you can start shooting the first arrows and chose a short, (15 targets – 1.5 hr) a medium (20 targets) or a long trial (25 targets – approx. 2.5 hrs). At the end of the trial you will enjoy a Tuscan booster snack.

You may also wish to have a private course, 3hrs a day lesson over 2 days, during which the instructor will teach you how to perfect the basic technique.

At the archery range you will find all the equipment, but we ask you to wear trekking shoes or laced-up shoes. You can book for a minimum of 2 persons up to a maximum of 8, at least 24 hours in advance.