Truffle hunting around the “Crete Senesi” area

If you would like to experience the thrill of something truly exceptional, be ready for a very special day exploring nature and some of its precious fruits.

This is an exclusive tour of one of the most “acclaimed” truffle-grounds in San Giovanni d’Asso, an exquisite medieval village sitting on the pretty and gentle slopes of the Crete Senesi.

I will now introduce you to Paolo and Milly (a fine bitch specimen of the ‘lagotto romagnolo’ breed) who will accompany you into the woods and will ensure you will relish the authentic thrill of the truffle “hunt”.

Thanks to them you will enjoy a unique and truly authentic experience immersed in the surrounding nature, you will learn how this famous tuber grows, the way it is harvested and how the habitat that “preserves” it has to be looked after … an exhilarating walk that will continue with a visit to the “Il tartufo delle Crete Senesi” cooperative workshop and will later end at the Osteria delle Crete where a lunch with truffle dishes awaits and will make the outing a memorable experience.

Below a description of how we wish to ensure you thoroughly enjoy the day, a simple menu but most definitely fascinating:

  • Salami and pecorino cheeses with truffle, bruschetta with homemade butter and fresh truffle
  • Tagliolini (fine noodles) with fresh truffle
  • Desert
  • Water, wine, coffee

Depending on the season, different shape, scent and taste truffles will be found: 

– February, Marche and April: Marzuolo White Truffle
-May, June, July and August: Scorzone Black Truffle
-September, October, November and December: White Truffle

Milly e Paolo

You are certainly aware that truffles are one of the best known and most appreciated products the world over …. albeit only a handful of people know that it is possible to take part in a truffle “hunt” because it is virtually impossible to find truffle hunters willing to unveil their secrets … so this is an unmissable opportunity! Tell your friends about you memorable experience and you will be able to say …I was there, but be prepared not to be believed!

San Giovanni d'Asso

San Giovanni d’Asso

The “hunt” can be booked on any day provided you give us adequate notice, it does not take place at unsociable hours as the departure will be just after 9am from the Relais Vignale and will you will return to the Hotel in the early afternoon.

Crete Senesi


  • Departure from the Relais Vignale at 9.15 am
  • Arrival at the truffle-ground in San Giovanni d’Asso at 10.30
    am and beginning of the Tour
  • 12.30 pm Visit to the Workshop and, if open, to the Truffle Museum
  • 1 pm Lunch at the Osteria delle Crete
  • 2.45 pm Departure back to the Hotel

(minimum 2 – maximum 8 people)

For 2 people EURO 342.00, price per person
For 4 people EURO 247.00, price per person
For 6 people EURO 217.00, price per person
For 8 people EURO 197.00, price per person

The price includes all stated services