The awesome Chianti hills, secrets spots and stunning views are the framework for e-biking in Chianti from 26 to 28 April 2019. The countryside offers picturesque itineraries perfectly suited for those who love a route that will exercise legs, mind as well as heart and emotions… and the taste buds. This is the philosophy of e-biking 2019: get off a bike after the cycling trip and enjoy a thousand Tuscan delights in the company of friends.

This is a guaranteed promise in this region of Tuscany that is greatly loved by those who consider bike touring a pleasure in life. The low speed routes allow you to be in awe of the artistic beauty, nature and the scents of a land with a thousand features.

Electric bikes are hybrids that can be ridden pedalling using only muscle power or with the aid of the electric motor. At the end of the ride, fatigue is replaced by an enviable psychological and physical wellbeing and the environmental sustainability makes the difference.

The 2019 e-biking in Radda in Chianti celebrates a new way of cycling. The rider can either take advantage of his/her strength or choose to be seduced by the electric motor when fatigue prevails, or if the rider prefers to simply tour.

Young, adults, athletes or Sunday riders: the Chianti tour on an e-bike is for everyone. A great benefit of this activity is the possibility to go back to the “base” at any time to rest and then maybe leave once more in search of new adventures.

It is not necessary to own one. Having enrolled in the event, you only have to pick up the e-bike you will have chosen in the pop up tent and set off in search of the enchanting Chianti routes.

The pop up tent will also offer participants a technical and mechanical assistance during the whole event. Furthermore, it will be possible to watch a presentation of all the most interesting novelties in e-biking.

In conclusion:

Sun, nature, unique routes in Europe, excellent food and wine in the saddle of a means of transport that embodies the philosophy of today: cycling to leave behind the bustle and concerns of daily life, even if for just a week-end.

And of course you will stay in our beautiful Relais…