Guided trekking and hiking tour of Chiantishire

Guided walkings to discover Chianti

An unforgettable walk through the Chianti region will let you to discover a variety of landscapes and natural beauty spots.
A professional guide will accompany you along ancient paths leading to landscapes of extraordinary beauty and places of historical and artistic interest.

Walking along natural paths you will also learn some botanical knowledges on medicinal plants as well as zoology notions, following footprints of porcupines, wild boars, stags, fawn and roe deer that you may spot during the walk.

One-day trekking tours are suitable both for adults and children and the degree of difficulty can be adapted to your needs:

Easy trekking (7 km, approximately 3-4 hours)
Round trail from San Giusto in Salcio, Galenda, Castello di San Polo in Rosso and back to San Giusto in Salcio.

A fairly easy itinerary on small country roads and well-indicated paths. The overall uphill gradient is not more than 400 meters and the length of the tour is approximately 7 kilometres.

– Places of interest: the romantic ancient church in San Giusto in Salcio, the San Polo in Rosso castle, the medieval village named Galenda, whereyou can find important architectural and historical features.
The itinerary criss-crosses the typical Chianti countryside with durmast and turkey oak woods where wild animals hide during the day, not easily spotted but their presence is revealed by the numerous footprints.
Wild orchids, juniper bushes and wild broom are the most common plants.
Birds of prey may be spotted (buzzards, hawks and sparrow-hawks) circling above the trees ready to catch mice or other small animals they feed on.
There are numerous traces of ancient traditions, especially field maples that were used to support the vines.
You will also be able to see contemporary vine growing methods in modern vineyards.

Harder excursion (13 km, approximately 6-7 hours)
Vistarenni, San Donato in Perano, Cetamura, Porcignano, Badia a Coltibuono

A long and partly challenging itinerary on dirty roads and paths: the uphill gradient is less than 350 meters and the route covers approximately 13 km.

– Places of interest: Vistarenni, the San Donato in Perano Castle and Badia a Coltibuono. You will go through oak and chestnut woods full of life and with numerous wild animals.
Nocturnal birds of prey, such as tawny owls, barn owls and little owls, as well as day prey birds such as sparrow-hawks, hawks and buzzards, make their nests in the chestnut trees.
The call of the green woodpecker can be clearly heard amongst the tree branches.
In autumn, different types of mushrooms, especially boletus and parasol mushrooms loved by wild boars and snails, can be picked in these woods.

In ancient times, Etruscans lived in this area and today it is still possible to find some vestiges near Cetamura and Poggio la Guardia which may have been border areas.

Badia a Coltibuono overlooks hills and valleys and it can be seen from miles away because of its massive cedar tree.
On these hills the soil is not chalky and the vines don’t grow well, but the chestnut woods were just as important to sustain the farming economy.

During the walk there is a refreshing stop, possibly sitting on the shores of a stream in the shade of a majestic oak tree, for a delicious packed lunch with typical local food and a fine bottle of Chianti Classico…

PRICE INCLUDING PACKED LUNCH – 8 km excursion (Min. 2 – Max. 8 People)
2 people € 125.00 per person
4 people € 70.00 per person
6 people € 50.00 per person
8 people € 40.00 per person

PRICE INCLUDING PACKED LUNCH – 14 km excursion  (Min. 2 – Max. 8 People)
2 people € 195.00 per person
4 people € 100.00 per person
6 people € 70.00 per person
8 people € 60.00 per person

Prices are per person and include all mentioned services.