Hot-air balloon tour in Chianti

A dreamy hot air balloon trip over the hills and valleys of Chiantishire: a unique and romantic experience that will let you enjoy the Tuscan landscape from a different angle.

The hot air baloon tour will start at sunrise, slowly rising up from the ground and blowing in light breeze and reaching the sky: here you will admire Chiantishire with its  vineyards, olive-groves, woodland, ancient towns and medieval villages.
A hot-air baloon trip makes the power of imagination meet the beauty of the Chianti region and the colours of its countryside dotted with vineyards, wheat fields, farmhouses and small villages. It will be like flying inside an ancient painting.

Enjoy the thrill and feel free in the wind during this fascinating experience!
The trip will last approximately one hour and upon your return you will be greeted with a drink to celebrate a memorable day.