Upon request and following approval from the Vignale’s management team, it will now be possible to welcome your “FOUR-LEGGED FRIEND” into some of our bedrooms!

In your bedroom you will find a complimentary doggy bowl, a walking kit, absorbent diapers and a surprise for your pet’s amusement!

Out of respect for other guests, we request you comply with the following rules:

  • It is compulsory for the dog to be on a lead and wearing a muzzle at all times.
  • For hygiene and health reasons, it is forbidden to use bed linen and bathroom towels for the dog.
  • In order to guarantee proper servicing, please inform us of times when the dog will not be in the room so that it can be cleaned.
  • The dog must never be allowed to go on beds, armchairs, chairs, tables, etc.
  • The dog’s behaviour will be the owner’s responsibility and care should be taken not to disturb other guests.
  • The dog is not allowed in the sitting rooms, swimming pool, and Spa areas.

The cost for having a dog in the room will be €18 from one to three night of stay and €15 per night for longer stays. This cost covers in-depth cleaning of the room with specific detergents and sanitizing products.