Small Chianti Wine Producers Tour

Fine bottled wines produced by small wineries!

Get ready for another day wholly devoted to discovering fine wines and excellent food, comprising an exclusive tour with guided visits to two small Chianti Classico winegrowers: PODERE Il PALAZZINO belonging to the Sderci Family and ROCCA di MONTEGROSSI owned by Marco Ricasoli Firidolfi.

Approximately 23 km away, Alessandro and Edoardo will be waiting for you at Colle di Monti for a guided tour of their winery, Podere Il Palazzino, where you will taste their wines whilst enjoying a delicious lunch prepared and served in the Sdreci family kitchen using only typical locally produced ingredients:

  • Igt Toscana Rosé wine
  • Azzero Igt Toscana Red wine
  • Argenina Chianti Classico DOCG
  • Grosso Sanese Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG
  • Vin Santo made from Chianti Classico Doc


MENU ……..skilfully created and hand-prepared by Anna Maria

  • Cheese “Surprises”
  • A trio of “bruschette”: chicken liver pâté, fresh tomato and basil, “burrata” cheese and anchovies
  • Selection of Tuscan salami and sheep cheese with homemade onion marmalade
  • Parma ham and melon
  • Small portion of homemade ravioli with a ricotta cheese and spinach filling a melted butter and sage dressing
  • Small portion of homemade “pappardelle” pasta dressed with a fresh tomato and basil sauce
  •  Dessert and “Cantuccini” biscu

After Palazzino you will make your way, on foot if you prefer, through the vineyards to the Rocca di Montegrossi winery approximately 1 km away

Marco Ricasoli Firidolfi’s staff will welcome you for a tour of the winery followed by a tasting of a wide selection of their wines in a private room, situated in front of the barrels in which Vin Santo is fermented.

  • Igt Toscana Rosé wine
  • Chianti Classico Docg
  • Chianti Classico Great Selection Docg, San Marcellino Winery
  • Igt Toscana Geremia
  • Vin Santo made with Chianti Classico Doc

  1. 12.15pm: Departure from the Relais Vignale
  2. 12.45 pm: Arrival at the Podere Il Palazzino for a visit, wine-tasting and lunch
  3. 15.15 pm: Departure from Podere Il Palazzino to Rocca di Montegrossi, arriving 15 minutes later
  4. 5pm: Departure from Rocca di Montegrossi and arrival at the Relais Vignale after approx. 30 minutes.


2 to 4 people: Euro 197 per person
5 to 8 people: Euro 170 per person